Clan Rules

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Clan Rules

Post by Grade A Dope on Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:39 am

Grind More Pushing members to work harder on their accounts as far as leveling up skills and reaching goals.

Grind More started off with originally 2 people. Through hard work and dedication we grinded our accounts with the goals of having 99 in cooking/fishing working together. Over time we made friends and were able to teach them what it means to "GRIND MORE". We as a social pvm/ with slight pk clan, strive to get the best out of our members. If we all "GRIND MORE" as a whole we will be able to do more and succeed as one.


1) Remain Active

2) Good Behavior

3) Attempt to recruit weekly

4) In clan for at least a 2 weeks to be able to win giveaway

Recruitment/ Ranks

Add HolyGrind to your friends list for smiley (new member rank).

Recruit: you must be in clan for 2 weeks minimum

Corporal: you have to recruit 2 people and they must stay within the clan for the 2 week grace period

Sergeant: you must recruit 3 people and they must stay within the clan for the 2 week grace period and donate to giveaway (100k minimum)

All stars ( lieutenant, captain, general) are special earned after reaching max level of corporal

Rank-Ups are rewarded every weekend Sunday

Clan Chat: HolyGrind
Clan world: 386

Weekly clan giveaway event:

Top clan members or (whoever wants to donate 100k minimum donation) will throw GP into a pot of (1 Million minimum) and randomly select a winner. Members with a STAR rank will not be eligible for weekly giveaways.

DISCORD come and talk!!
Clan discord channel

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